Occupational Disease

An occupational disease is a condition that is caused or aggravated by exposure to a hazardous substance in the workplace. This exposure can take many forms (i.e. chemical, biological or physical). For example, a miner exposed to a toxic chemical may develop a lung disease; a healthcare professional exposed to bodily fluids may contract an infection; or a manufacturing worker who is exposed to high noise levels may develop hearing loss. 

Occupational diseases are the leading cause of workplace death in Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s important for employers and workers to take an active role in preventing exposure to substances known to cause such diseases.

WorkplaceNL has a team of health and safety professionals that provide occupational health and safety education and awareness and our industrial hygienist can help you manage workplace hazards. We also have a Directory of Industrial Hygiene Service Providers that lists private consultants who conduct industrial hygiene assessments.