Getting Started – Employers

​​​I want my workplace to be psychologically healthy and safe

Implementing the Standard into your existing occupational health and safety (OHS) program will help improve your organization’s productivity, financial performance, risk management, recruitment and retention.

Implementing the Standard doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. In fact, small steps can lead to big changes in your organization.

To get started, you should:

  • Review the Standard
  • Make a Commitment 
  • Identify a Champion
  • Identify Gaps in your Organization
  • Actively Involve Employees
  • Develop a Policy Statement
  • Communicate your Commitment
  • Assess the workplace hazards / needs
  • Develop a strategy
  • Integrate with Existing H&S Programs
  • Implement the Strategy
  • Evaluate​

The following resources will also help you when starting to integrate psychological health and safety into your organization’s OHS program. 


Mental Health Resources

Video Testimonials

Organizations across Canada are promoting workplace wellness and improving psychological health and safety in their workplace by adopting the Standard. Watch some of the video testimonials put together by Mental Health Commission of Canada.