Annual Assessment

Your annual assessment, or the amount you pay WorkplaceNL each year for workplace injury and illness coverage for your workers, is determined by your assessment rate and assessable payroll. Assessments are calculated based on assessment rates per $100 of assessable payroll.

Sample calculation: For a gasoline station with an assessment rate of $1.03 per $100 of payroll and assessable payroll of $50,000:

$1.03 / $100 x $50,000 = $515 assessment
assessment rate / $100 x assessable payroll = annual assessment

Employers who are eligible for PRIME may have their assessment adjusted through refunds or charges.


2020 Classification of Industries and Assessment Rates2021 Classification of Industries and Assessment Rates2022 Classification of Industries and Assessment RatesAnnual Employer Statements Instruction BookletAssessable Earnings (fact sheet)Policy ES-08 Rate Setting


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