Update My Payroll Estimate

WorkplaceNL uses the payroll estimate employers provide on their Annual Employer Statements to calculate the amount of assessment they pay for the current year. This estimate can be revised anytime during the year if the employer becomes aware that it is no longer accurate.

When employers report their actual payroll figures in the following year, a comparison is done between their estimate and the actual. A penalty is applied when employers underestimate their actual payroll by 25% or more.

You can revise your current year payroll estimate through connect in MyWorkplaceNL. Log into your account, click “Employer Account Changes” from the menu and then select “Update Payroll Estimate”.

Please note that the “Update Payroll Estimate” online service can only be used to update your current year estimate. The service is not available in the current year until after the estimate provided on your Annual Employer Statements is processed.

If your organization is not registered for connect, you can self-register by clicking here and following the self-registration process. You will need your Firm Number, Newfoundland Industrial Classification (NIC) Code and one of your last five assessment statement or invoice numbers.

If you have any questions about updating your payroll estimate, please call 709.778.1140 or toll free in Canada 1.800.563.9000 (extension 1140).