Employers can use MyWorkplaceNL to access a number of online services

WorkplaceNL provides no-fault workplace injury insurance coverage for your business and employees. Employers that do business and have employees in Newfoundland and Labrador must register with us and pay assessments based on their workers’ earnings. This includes employees that are full-time, part-time, or casual, as well as any sub-contractors that your business may hire. Employers can help control their assessment costs by providing safe and responsible work environments where incidents are prevented, and workers are supported in their return to work after an injury. New Employers can register with WorkplaceNL here.

Employers (vendors) will use the Oracle Supplier Portal to submit invoices and view payment information.

Employers can use MyWorkplaceNL to access a number of online services, including:

  • Submit Employer’s Report of Injury (Form 7).
  • Submit Early and Safe Return-to-Work (ESRTW) plans for your injured workers.
  • Submit Annual Employer Statements.
  • View account information.
  • Request clearance as a principal or contractor.
  • Create a list of hired contractors and automatically receive a nightly notification when a contractor’s status changes with WorkplaceNL.
  • View monthly Assessment Statements.
  • Update payroll estimates.
  • Access the Certification Training Registry (CTR) to view workers’ electronic certification training records.
  • Search the CTR for WorkplaceNL approved training courses.
  • Submit OH&S minutes and manage worksites and committee members.

Review the following guide to learn how to open a FortiMail encrypted email.

Please see the menu on the right for more information on your rights and responsibilities, including employer registration, assessments, training, return to work and recovery, and health and safety.