Early and Safe Return to Work

The early and safe return to work (ESRTW) process helps workers continue working after an injury or to return to work in a safe and timely manner after taking time off.  

During this time, every effort should be made to help them recover at work while undergoing medical treatment for their work-related injury. Going back to work after an injury sometimes involves making changes duties or hours of work. The worker may also need equipment or devices to help with their return to work.

Both the employer and worker have a responsibility to facilitate early and safe return to suitable and available employment. If you or the employee need help during this process, contact your case manager.

ESRTW Facilitators are available to you to assist with developing and maintaining a successful ESRTW program. They can also help educate workplace parties on return to work, and provide guidance to employers and workers that are experiencing difficulty in setting up an ESRTW plan.


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