Young Workers

At WorkplaceNL, we believe that in trying to build a positive safety culture, there is no better place to start than with our province’s youth and young workers. We have a number of programs aimed at helping young workers develop positive safety habits early in their careers.

Occupational Health and Safety 3203 High School Course

The OHS 3203 high school course is available in all schools throughout the province. Students completing the course are certified in first-aid, certified as an OHS Committee member and receive Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.
Click here to view the OHS 3203 text book.

Young Worker OHS Course

The Young Worker Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Course was developed to help new and young workers better understand health and safety principles and practices.  This WorkplaceNL certified course provides a comprehensive introduction to OHS that enables learners to gain valuable health and safety education.  New and young workers are often at a higher risk for injury.  Providing OHS education and training early in their working lives can help reduce this risk of injury.  

This online course is self-directed, self-paced, and free!  Learners are guided through five modules that cover important topics such as OHS Systems and Processes, High Risk Hazards, OHS Roles and Responsibilities, and much more.  It takes approximately two hours to complete the course and learners receive a certificate upon completion.

Anyone can benefit from this course including, but not limited to, young and new workers, vulnerable workers, workers returning from an extended absence, and workers moving to a new job or starting a new career.  

The Young Worker OHS Course is an excellent resource that can be used to supplement an employer’s OHS training and orientation program.  Whether workers are employed as regular full-time staff, or are temporary, seasonal or summer hires, this course can provide the basis upon which a workplace specific OHS education program is built.

For high school students/teachers, the course meets all of the health and safety related learning outcomes in the Career Development 2201 curriculum, meaning every high school student will have an opportunity to complete the Young Worker OHS Course. This opportunity could have a significant impact on the working lives of all young workers.

Youth Safety Training Bursary

The Youth Safety Training Bursary aims to help advance safety knowledge, provide greater competency at work, enhance formal safety training, increase employment opportunities and make health and safety courses available. Learn more >>

Student Safety Video/Radio Ad Contest

Our annual Student Safety Video/Radio Ad Contest encourages students to share their thoughts on workplace safety and injury prevention. It’s open to grade 7-12 students, and winners receive a $1,000 cash prize and a plaque for their school. Learn more

WorkplaceNL and Cenovus Energy have partnered to help youth aged 15-24 advance their safety knowledge by offering bursaries of up to $350 to help cover the costs of eligible safety training.

WorkplaceNL Safe Student Award

The WorkplaceNL Safe Student Award recognizes students who demonstrate a commitment to promoting and advancing health and safety at their school and in their community. This contest is open to students in grade 7-12, and the winning student will receive $1,000. Nominations can be submitted by teachers, parents, fellow students, and community leaders.

Health and Safety Educator Award

The Health and Safety Educator of the Year Award recognizes educators who have demonstrated a commitment to the promotion and advancement of young worker health and safety. Winners of this award will receive $500, a plaque and $500 worth of health and safety equipment and supplies for their school. Nominations for this award can be submitted by the Department of Education, school administrators, peers, and students.

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