Traffic Control

Proper traffic control is critical for the safety of workers and the driving public.

All flag persons or traffic control persons (TCP) in Newfoundland and Labrador are required to complete a WorkplaceNL approved TCP training course. This training prepares the worker to perform traffic control in a safe and competent manner that complies with industry and legislative standards. 

To standardize and improve traffic control training across the province, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, OHS Division (Service NL) and WorkplaceNL have changed the Traffic Control Persons (TCP) training requirements.

As of January 2020, there are two levels of TCP certification training to address the specific needs of TCPs. WorkplaceNL approved training providers will transition to the use of standardized curriculum for TCP Level I and TCP Level II training. Learning outcomes for TCP Level I and TCP Level II are outlined in Section 2.1 of the TCP Certification Training Standard.  Click here for more information.


New Traffic Control Person Certification Training Standard

Traffic Control Manual

Traffic Control Certification Training (CTR)


Can I do the courses online?
How can I find course offerings?
How long are the courses?
How long is my TCP Level I or II certificate valid for?
I have a certificate from another province. Is it accepted in Newfoundland and Labrador?
Is there a requirement for the number of persons with TCP Level II training per site or per employer?
Is there an exam?
My TCP trainer certification has expired. What do I have to do to teach the new TCP courses?
My TCP training has expired/I am a new TCP worker – will I be taking the new TCP Training course?
My TCP training has not expired – is it still valid?
What are the learning objectives of the new TCP training courses?
What are the prerequisites for TCP training?
What is the cost of each course?
Who must complete Traffic Control Persons (TCP) training?

For Training Providers

Can I modify the WorkplaceNL training course or submit a training program to WorkplaceNL for approval?
I am a training provider, can I still use my approved TCP training curriculum?
What equipment and materials will I need to teach the new TCP courses?

For Trainers

How do I become an approved TCP trainer?
I am an approved TCP trainer, can I teach the new TCP courses?
My TCP trainer certification has expired. What do I have to do to teach the new TCP courses?
The TCP Certification Training Standard indicates that I must have two years related TCP experience to become a TCP trainer. What does this mean?
The TCP Certification Training Standard references training in adult learning principles as an eligibility requirement for trainers. Is there are particular course that I must complete?