Health Care Providers

Occupational Rehabilitation

Part of an injured worker’s recovery plan may include consultation with an occupational rehabilitation provider.  

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers will view payment information in a new way. Visit our Health Care Providers and Vendors page to learn more about these changes.

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers can now complete Clinic-Based Occupational Rehabilitation (CBOR) reports and submit documents and reports online at

This online service allows Occupational Rehabilitation Providers and Clinic Administrators to:

  • Complete an online CBOR Report
  • Submit documents and reports, such as:
    1. Health Care Devices and Supplies Prescription
    2. Occupational Rehabilitation Referral Invoice (Form OR7)
    3. Job Site Analysis
    4. Work Station Review
    5. Functional Assessment
    6. Worksite Occupational Rehabilitation
    7. Adjudication Assessment
    8. Psychosocial Risk Factors Intervention (PRFI)
    9. Other services, such as job match, neuro-rehabilitation and home exercise monitoring.
  • Review the submission history of all documents and reports submitted on MyWorkplaceNL.

Video Demonstrations of services available on MyWorkplaceNL: