Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT)

Safety culture is a collection of the beliefs, perceptions, and values that workers have about risks within their organization.

Worker safety is important. When organizations fail to achieve a high level of safety, they risk emotional distress, reputational damage, financial liability, and more regulations. Exceptional organizational health is achieved by successfully implementing, executing and regularly reviewing the organization’s goals and strategies.

In order to improve the safety culture, the organization must assess the current climate.  Measure workplace health and safety systems and culture using WorkplaceNL’s new Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT). CAAT provides employers with information about how their internal responsibility system is functioning within their unique systemic and cultural ecosystem. CAAT measures systems and culture while determining strengths and opportunities.

The safety culture Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT) connects the effect of workplace culture on worker health. According to an analysis by the Institute for Work and Health in Ontario, organizations with strong safety cultures have the best safety records, and fewer compensation claims.


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A. What is CAAT?
B. What is a health and safety ecosystem?
C. What is the difference between safety culture and safety climate?
D. What are the benefits of conducting a CAAT assessment?
E. What is the difference between CAAT Essentials and CAAT IRS? How do I know which to choose?
F. How much does CAAT cost? Will the assessment result in additional costs?
G. Does CAAT affect PRIME for my organization?
H. How do I start a CAAT assessment? How long does it take?
I. What information will the CAAT report provide my organization? How do I get the final report?
J. Do I need to adopt all of the recommendations of the CAAT assessment?
K. How often will I need an assessment completed? Will a WorkplaceNL health and safety advisor follow up on the assessment?
L. I’m only concerned with health and safety culture of my organization – do I still have to have my health and safety management systems assessed as well?