Serious Injuries

Serious injuries include fractures, amputations, sight loss, serious internal haemorrhages, burns that require medical attention, any injury caused by explosives, asphyxiation or poisoning by gas that results in a loss of physical control, or another injury that is likely to endanger life or cause permanent injury. Any injury that causes unconsciousness, results in substantial blood loss, or places life in jeopardy is also considered a serious injury.

Serious injuries can be prevented by:
  • Recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards
  • Providing adequate worker supervision
  • Educating and training workers
  • Conducting regular and thorough workplace inspections
  • Carrying out regular preventative maintenance

All serious injuries and fatalities must be reported to Digital Government and Service NL, by calling 729.4444 or 1.800.563.5471.