Permanent Functional Impairment

If your injury causes a permanent loss of bodily function, you may qualify for a lump-sum benefit in addition to wage-loss benefits and health care benefits.

WorkplaceNL calculates a permanent functional impairment (PFI) lump-sum benefit by multiplying the percentage of injury impairment by the maximum compensable earnings, using our PFI rating schedule or the American Medical Association guidelines for permanent impairment.

You may be eligible for a PFI assessment after your treatment and you have reached maximum recovery. You may be re-assessed only if your function deteriorates.

Different parts of the body are of more functional importance than others and the PFI reflects that. There is no separate payment for pain and suffering.


Permanent Functional Impairment – PFI (brochure)Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI) Rating SchedulePolicy EN-01 Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI)

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