Occupational Disease Claim

You may be entitled to benefits if you have been diagnosed with a condition, illness, or disease that you or your doctor believe is caused by a past exposure to a health hazard at work.

To submit an occupational disease claim:

  • Submit a Worker’s Report of Occupational Disease (Form 6S).
  • Please provide as much detail as possible including:
  • Medical information
    • Diagnosis or medical condition for which you are making the claim.
    • Doctor’s contact information, dates of your visits and any medical tests completed. 
  • Exposure to hazardous substances
    • Employer’s contact information and dates of employment.
    • Type of work you performed and a description of your duties.
    • Hazardous substances to which you believe you were exposed.

If you would like for us to discuss your claim with a family member or other representatives (e.g., friend, MHA or union representative), please complete section G of the Form 6, or Authorize a Representative online through MyWorkplaceNL. If you are unable to complete online,  please complete the Authorized Representative Consent (Form 13).


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