CTR Disclaimer

The Certification Training Registry contains course listings for both WorkplaceNL approved certification training and non-WorkplaceNL approved courses. WorkplaceNL approved certification training courses are located in the Certification Training Standards section of the Certification Training Registry.  Courses listed in the SkillsPass section of the Certification Training Registry are not approved, certified or endorsed by WorkplaceNL. Any description, contact information or titles for non-WorkplaceNL approved training have been entered in the Certification Training Registry Marketplace by the training providers. This is not an all-inclusive list of safety training providers. WorkplaceNL does not endorse or support any of these courses or providers. WorkplaceNL is not liable or responsible for the content or quality of the training. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that anyone seeking non-WorkplaceNL approved safety training from providers listed in the SkillsPass Marketplace practice due diligence in researching and selecting a competent and qualified training provider with curriculum that is compliant with applicable legislative requirements, standards, and industry best practices.