Lines of Business

1. Education on the prevention of workplace injury, illness and occupational disease
WorkplaceNL provides workplace health and safety education, as well as injury, illness and occupational disease prevention initiatives. Specifically, we:

  • Promote public awareness of, and foster commitment to, workplace health and safety.
  • Educate and provide advice to employers, workers, and others about workplace health and safety.
  • Promote and fund workplace health and safety research.
  • Develop training standards for certification under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, certify people who meet these standards and approve training programs for certification.
  • Promote the importance of health and safety education and training, and develop strategic partnerships, as appropriate, in its delivery.
  • Collaborate with and make recommendations respecting workplace health and safety to the OHS Division of the Department of Digital Government and Service NL.

2. Claims management for injured workers
WorkplaceNL proactively manages all aspects of an injured worker’s claim relating to workplace injury, illness or occupational disease. Specifically, we:

  • Register injured workers’ claims and determine their entitlement to benefits, such as wage loss, health care and retirement benefits.
  • Provide active case management, focusing on what they can do to remain active in their workplace as they recover, when medically appropriate.
  • Deliver appropriate programs to injured workers, such as early and safe return-to-work (ESRTW) and labour market re-entry.
  • In the case of a fatality due to a workplace incident or an occupational disease, provide benefits to dependents of the deceased worker.

3. Employer assessments (no-fault compensation coverage)
The Act requires employers performing work in the province to register with WorkplaceNL and pay assessments for workplace injury coverage for their workers. Under this line of business, we:

  • Register employers
  • Administer and monitor employer payroll reporting
  • Set assessment rates
  • Collect and audit payroll

The assessment revenue collected from employers is used to pay the cost of injured workers’ claims and associated costs to administer the workers’ compensation system.

These lines of business are supported by corporate departments with specialized knowledge which provide organization-wide support to WorkplaceNL.

Primary Clients

The primary clients of WorkplaceNL are as follows:

  • Workers
  • Injured workers
  • Employers
  • Pensioners (life pensions and pension replacement benefits)
  • Surviving spouses and dependents