Atlantic Canadian Organizations Partner on Campaign Targeting Preventable Injuries

(Halifax, NS), September 17, 2019: The Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP), in partnership with The Community against Preventable Injuries (Preventable), along with a series of leading partner organizations from across Atlantic Canada, have launched the first phase of a new Atlantic-wide injury prevention awareness campaign. The campaign’s messages encourage Atlantic Canadians to, “Have a word with themselves”, to think before they act – on the road, at work, home and play.

“Many people aren’t aware of the risks, and think that an ‘accident’ won’t happen to them,” says Ian Watson, Administrative Director for the New Brunswick Trauma Program and an ACIP Board member. “We are proud to be one of the many organizations from across Atlantic Canada to help bring the proven Preventable message to the East Coast. Together, we can reduce the significant human and financial costs of injury in Atlantic Canada”.

Preventable helps to bring communities together, allowing leaders from like-minded organizations to share the vision of reducing injuries at work, home and play. To date, partner organizations include:

·         Atlantic Workers’ Compensation Organizations

·         New Brunswick Medical Society

·         Chalmers Hospital Foundation

·         New Brunswick Trauma Program

·         Newfoundland and Labrador Injury Prevention Coalition

·         Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

·         Government of Nova Scotia

·         Government of Prince Edward Island

·         Insurance Bureau of Canada

·         Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

Preventable’s impact is proven. Launched in British Columbia in 2009, the campaign has reached over two million residents through over 100 million annual media impressions. Over 80 per cent of British Columbians surveyed support the brand and message and there has been a positive shift of up to 10 per cent in attitudes toward injury prevention. Based on successful outcomes, the campaign has expanded to Alberta and Ontario, and now Atlantic Canada.

“Up to 90 per cent of all injuries are preventable and predictable,” says Dr. Ian Pike, spokesperson for Preventable. “Obviously the human toll is indescribable, but the economic impact is also dramatic; these unintentional injuries are costing Atlantic Canadians close to $1.7 billion[1] on an annual basis. That’s what this campaign drives home – that these significant human and economic costs can be avoided.”

Full implementation of the campaign relies on support from both public and private organizations.  If you want to get involved or to learn more and watch the campaign video, please visit


About the Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP)

ACIP is a partnership of injury prevention practitioners from both government and nongovernment organizations. Working together, ACIP provides evidence-based policy advice and support to governments, NGOs and other interested agencies from across Atlantic Canada in an effort to reduce the burden of injury across the region.

About Preventable

Preventable (also known as The Community Against Preventable Injuries) is the first-ever organization to undertake a provincial social marketing strategy focusing on preventable injuries. Established to raise awareness, transform societal attitudes, and ultimately change behaviours, Preventable uses provocative communication to reach people at the moment of risk.

Preventable is a registered non-profit organization representing a true partnership of more than 100 members, including businesses, injury prevention organizations and government. Our goal is simple: to change attitudes in order to significantly reduce the number and severity of preventable injuries in Canada.


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