Client Service

Client service is important to us. If you believe we are not meeting our client service commitment, call 709.778.1000 or toll free at 1.800.563.9000, and ask to speak to a team lead or manager about your concern.  

Client service is how our service is delivered – that we are courteous, timely, honest, accessible and respectful.  

Our client service commitment
To provide the highest standard of fair, caring and quality service that meets, and often exceeds, our clients’ expectations.

Our client service principles and standards
In meeting our client service commitment, we are guided by five principles:

  1. We treat all clients with dignity and respect.
  2. We treat all clients in a courteous, fair and non-judgmental manner.
  3. We give all clients an informed response, within a reasonable time.
  4. We ensure that all clients have access to appropriate programs and services. 
  5. We strive to ensure a healthy and safe environment for staff and visitors to WorkplaceNL’s offices, and have zero tolerance for threats of any nature.

In adhering to these client service principles, we follow these minimum standards in all but the most exceptional circumstances:

On the Phone
We are committed to returning client phone calls at the earliest possible convenience and within 24 hours of the call or within 24 hours of returning to the office.

When we are out of the office, we will ensure voice mail messages are updated with an extended absence greeting indicating when they will return and who to call for assistance.  

Written Correspondence
We will respond to letters received by mail, email or fax within 10 business days. If the letter is received by email, we will notify the client through email standards that they will receive a response in writing through general mail delivery within 10 business days.

If we cannot meet the 10-day timeframe, the addressee or designate shall inform the sender as soon as possible when they can expect to receive this information.

Concerns with a decision made on a claim?
If your concerns are about a decision made by WorkplaceNL, you can request a review of this decision through an internal review process, where decisions are reviewed to ensure they are fair, reasonable and consistent.   
Need more help?
If you require further help, in addition to the assistance provided by WorkplaceNL, you may contact an independent worker advisoremployer advisor or the provincial Office of the Citizen’s Representative.