Online Services

Connect (For Employers, Bookkeepers & Health Care Providers)

Through connect employers can:

  • Access and submit Annual Employer Statements.
  • Review account information, including addresses, contacts, assessment rates and balances.
  • Request clearance as a principal or contractor.
  • Create a list of hired contractors and automatically receive a nightly notification when a contractor’s status changes with WorkplaceNL.
  • Complete and submit Employer’s Report of Injury (Form 7).
  • Complete and submit Early and Safe Return-to-Work (ESRTW) plans for your injured workers.
  • View your monthly Assessment Statements.

Accountants and bookkeepers can also use connect to submit a client’s Annual Employer Statements.

MyWorkplaceNL (For Injured Workers)

MyWorkplaceNL allows injured workers to:

  • Submit a Report of Injury (Form 6)
  • View Report of Injury submission history
  • View claim and payment information
  • Live chat with a WorkplaceNL Information Officer
  • Upload claim-related documents
  • Submit an expense
  • Order hearing aid batteries
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Authorize a representative
  • Update contact information
  • Request internal review
  • Request file information

Video demonstrations of services available on MyWorkplaceNL:

How to register for MyWorkplaceNL
How to complete the Report of Injury (Form 6)
How to view your claim and payment information
How to Submit Documents and Requests
How to Order hearing aid batteries

CertificatION Training Registry (For Employers, Learners & Training Providers)

Our Certification Training Registry (CTR) securely stores workers’ electronic certification training records, and allows workers and employers to quickly access their e-records. Workers can receive alerts before their training expires. Employers can easily confirm that their workers have the required safety training.

Search the CTR for WorkplaceNL approved training courses available near you.

To view course offerings by WorkplaceNL approved training providers, or view your individual training certificates, click here.

To access or set up an employer network, click here.

To access the training provider / trainer system, click here.

The Certification Training Registry contains course listings for both WorkplaceNL approved certification training and non-WorkplaceNL approved courses. WorkplaceNL approved certification training courses are located in the Certification Training Standards section of the Certification Training Registry.  Courses listed in the SkillsPass section of the Certification Training Registry are not approved, certified or endorsed by WorkplaceNL. Any description, contact information or titles for non-WorkplaceNL approved training have been entered in the Certification Training Registry Marketplace by the training providers. This is not an all-inclusive list of safety training providers. WorkplaceNL does not endorse or support any of these courses or providers. WorkplaceNL is not liable or responsible for the content or quality of the training. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that anyone seeking non-WorkplaceNL approved safety training from providers listed in the SkillsPass Marketplace practice due diligence in researching and selecting a competent and qualified training provider with curriculum that is compliant with applicable legislative requirements, standards, and industry best practices.