Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control – Using a Systematic Approach

All industries and workplaces have unique health and safety hazards. The key to managing hazards or reducing the risk of injury begins with finding the hazards specific to the workplace. The best way to identify hazards and control risk is through a systematic process that is tied into the functions of the business. Risk assessments can guide employers in the process to help recognize, evaluate and control risk of injury to workers.

What are the learning objectives for the workshop/webinar?

During this session, participants will:
• Review applicable OHS legislation
• Identify workplace roles and responsibilities for hazard recognition
• Discuss the requirement for an effective occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS)
• Compare an OHS program and OHSMS
• Define risk assessment
• Discuss ways that risk assessments can be incorporated into the OHSMS

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