Clinic-based Occupational Rehabilitation (CBOR) Report Guidelines

Clinic-based occupational rehabilitation

An intensive treatment program specifically designed to address an injured worker’s physical capacity and function as it relates to his/her job demands.

CBOR Initial Report

The CBOR initial report shall be provided within five (5) working days of the initial assessment. The information contained in the initial report should include:

  • targeted job demands;
  • the Injured Worker’s functional tolerances as compared to the targeted job demands; and
  • a plan that outlines the expected duration of CBOR in sessions, days and weeks, for the injured Worker to meet the targeted CBOR goals.

CBOR Progress Report

The CBOR progress report shall be provided at a minimum of every three (3) weeks while the program is ongoing. The submission and review of a CBOR progress report is required for the continuation of a program and the approval and issuance of additional purchase orders. The information contained in the progress reports should include:

  • an update of the measurable improvements towards targeted tolerances as identified in the initial report, including the degree of strenuousness, the estimated workday tolerance and a list of restrictions; and
  • if measurable improvements are not yet achieved, reasons as to why and suggested modifications of the plan, if an extension is being requested. Interim findings of significance to ongoing claim management shall be submitted immediately via a progress report.

CBOR Discharge Report

The CBOR discharge report shall be provided to WorkplaceNL within five (5) working days after discharge. The information contained in the discharge report should include:

  • a final assessment of the Injured Worker’s physical capabilities as compared to the targeted tolerances;
  • a statement as to whether goal attainment has been achieved;
  • a summary of the Injured Worker’s discharge status; and
  • additional functional testing as required by WorkplaceNL.