Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Your Account


Questions about your account

Can I still obtain clearance on my business? How will clearance be handled on my unpaid account?
How do I apply for Optional Personal Coverage now, normally I would print the form from the website, complete it and drop it off to WorkplaceNL office with cheque?
If I mailed a cheque will it be applied to my account?
If our business receives funding in the form of a wage subsidy from the federal or provincial governments, are these amounts considered assessable?
Is Out of Province coverage still available through WorkplaceNL and what is the process to apply?
My account has a credit balance. How do I request a refund?
My business has suspended operations due to COVID-19, but we are continuing to pay our employees while they are at home and not working. Is this payroll included in assessable payroll?
Should I pay my assessment premium at this time?
What can I do if my business will not re-open this year or if my payroll will be less than I anticipated?
What does the deferral mean for my pre-authorized debit payment plan?
What will happen to my pre-authorized debit plan?
WorkplaceNL has deferred employer assessment payments until August 31, 2020. What does this mean?

Questions about claims

Does a worker need a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 to receive benefits?
Does WorkplaceNL cover workers during self-isolation or quarantine when they are not sick?
How is work-relatedness of COVID-19 claims determined?
How will WorkplaceNL determine if a COVID-19 claim is accepted?
My business has been affected by COVID-19. What does this mean for my workers with existing claims?
What if a worker already has a WCB claim?
What if a worker believes they contracted COVID-19 at work?
When is a COVID-19 claim accepted?