Psychological Health and Safety Virtual Learning Series

Psychological Health and Safety: Virtual Learning Series

The Psychological Health and Safety Virtual Learning Series takes place from January 24-28, 2022 to raise awareness of psychological health and safety in the workplace. Participants will learn practical solutions for lowering the risk of psychological hazards to worker’s mental health.

Psychological hazards are in every workplace in Newfoundland and Labrador. No workplace is immune to the negative effects of these hazards on workers physical and mental health. Psychological hazards are found in the way work is organized and managed, and the quality of relationships in the workplace.

The best way to control risk to workers is to find these hazards and put measures in place to lower the risk of psychological injury to workers.

The latest statistics show us that many individuals, families, workplaces and communities are affected by mental health issues in Canada.

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Psychological Health and Safety Webinars
Mindful Minutes


What are some factors that can impact an employee’s mental health at work?
What are some indicators of a psychologically unhealthy or unsafe work environment?
What is a psychologically healthy and safe workplace?
What resources are available to help implement the standard in my workplace?
Why should employers be concerned about psychological health?