Move Well – Work Well: Activities and Webinars

Simple, low-cost measures can prevent many MSIs, and it all starts with building awareness. Join WorkplaceNL and other employers in marking Move Well – Work Well Week by organizing awareness and prevention activities for your employees.

Activity suggestions

Note: Please plan activities in adherence to public health guidelines for Covid-19. 

Move Well – Work Well Webinars and Related Resources
  • Raise awareness on social media by demonstrating your company’s commitment to MSI prevention.
  • Inform employees about Move Well – Work Well Week and provide information about MSIs and prevention.
    • Send an email.
    • Raise awareness on your website or employee intranet. Download these badges and link to the Move Well – Work Well page.
    • Invite senior management to kick off the week with a launch.
    • Post the Move Well – Work Well poster in your workplace.
  • Learn about MSIs. You cannot prevent MSIs if you do not understand the problem. Register for MSI Prevention certification training.
  • Schedule supervisors and OHS committee members for MSI prevention training, then gradually expand the training to all employees.
  • Find out where MSI hazards exist in your workplace.
    • Schedule a workplace inspection with a focus on MSI risk factors.
    • Encourage supervisors and OHS committee members to look for hazards, particularly excessive force, awkward and sustained postures and repetitive actions.  
    • Conduct an MSI hazard assessment on a job task. If a problem is identified and you are unsure how to proceed, call upon an ergonomics service provider to help identify solutions.
    • Provide training on controls to mitigate the risk. Share resources from reputable organizations on common job tasks that involve risk of MSI; for example, manual materials handling and computer work.
  • Host an OHS Committee meeting during the week to review your company’s MSI prevention program.
  • Introduce MSI awareness concepts into purchasing, work planning, and other business processes so MSI hazards are reduced or eliminated before they cause injury.
  • Support participation in WorkplaceNL’s MSI webinars during the week.
  • Host daily safety talks focusing on the MSI risks relevant to the worker’s duties.
  • Host an MSI/ergonomics quiz.
  • Encourage employees to move often throughout the day by taking microbreaks and regularly scheduled breaks. Plan twice-daily team stretch breaks using these sample stretches.
  • Provide a healthy snack for employees to promote healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Arrange an employee wellness presentation by a local health professional such as a kinesiologist, wellness coach, physiotherapist or nutritionist.
  • Encourage physical activity by organizing a team step/walking or other fitness challenge, hosting a yoga class, or planning a wellness walk.
  • Host a healthy potluck and recipe-sharing event focused on healthy go-to recipes that are practical to prepare for a workday.