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Occupational Rehabilitation Providers


Occupational rehabilitation providers are occupational therapists and physiotherapists who provide interventions to assist injured workers to regain the necessary physical, behavioural and/or vocational functions for return to either pre-injury employment or other work and to enable the injured worker to effectively self manage the condition.


Services include but are not limited to:

WorkplaceNL works closely with occupational rehabilitation providers through a liaison committee, which provides input into such areas as services guidelines, protocols, policies and procedures, fees and outcome measurements. 

In addition to the provision of occupational rehabilitation services, providers may recommend health care devices to assist with rehabilitation, recovery and return to work. They may recomend these devices by using the Health care device form.

Relevant Policies and Procedures:

  • RE-02 - The Goal of Early & Safe and the Roles of the Parties
  • RE-18 - Hierarchy of Return to Work and Accommodation
  • HC-12 - Occupational Rehabilitation Services Private Clinics
  • 36.00 - Resources and Evaluations
  • 58.00 - Health Care Devices and Supplies

Documentation and Billing for Occupational Rehabilitation Services: 

WorkplaceNL only covers services provided by clinics that have signed the current Memorandum of Agreement with WorkplaceNL. Reporting requirements and fees payable for services will be provided in accordance with the MOA.  See related documents sidebar for OR forms and documents.

Documentation Guidelines for Occupational Rehabilitation Providers: 

Occupational Rehabilitation Provider Clinics