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1. Return to Work Plan Element - Commitment

You must develop a return-to-work policy statement that:

  • Is signed and dated by the highest ranking official or designate.
  • Is posted in a prominent place in hard copy or available electronically at all workplaces.
  • Is reviewed annually and updated as required.
  • Is communicated to all workers, with information on how it applies to their specific workplace.
  • Demonstrates the employer’s commitment to return to work in accordance with the Commission’s Policy Re-18: Hierarchy of Return-to-Work and Accommodation and Section 89 of the Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Act.
  • Reflects the re-employment obligation under section 89.1 of the Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Act (refer to Policy Re-05 “Re-employment Obligation”) for those employers who have this obligation.
  • Includes references to:
    • Communicating with the worker during the return-to-work process and protecting confidential information
    • Committing to cooperation
    • The roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in return to work including, but not limited to: the employer, injured worker, health care provider(s), co-workers, the Commission and where appropriate, the union, return-to-work representatives etc.
  • Reference to joint consultation with workers in the development, monitoring, evaluation and revision of the Return-to-work program for large PRIME assessment employers.
  • Is developed in joint and meaningful consultation with workers as defined in Criteria 5 of Policy PR-06 for provincially-regulated employers and Policy PR-07 for federally-regulated employers.