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Optional Personal Coverage


Proprietors or partners of non-incorporated businesses

The proprietor or partners of a non-incorporated business are not automatically covered under the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act. This means they cannot receive benefits from WorkplaceNL in the event of a work-related injury; however, they may apply for optional personal coverage.

Complete an independent operator questionnaire so WorkplaceNL can determine if you are a worker, employer or independent operator. To discuss your specific situation, contact one of our employer registration representatives at: 709-778-1291 or toll free: 1-800-563-9000.

If we determine you are an independent operator, we will send you an optional personal coverage application form to complete, sign and return with full payment.

Persons employed in private residences

Persons employed at a private residence (e.g., child care services, house cleaning and home care) are excluded from coverage. However, these people can apply for optional coverage through one of the following:

  1. The individual can apply for their coverage by completing an optional personal coverage application form.
  2. The home owner can apply for householder coverage if they want these workers covered in the event of a work-related injury by completing a householder application form.

NOTE: Both optional personal coverage and householder coverage are non-compulsory, and all applications must be reviewed and approved by WorkplaceNL before coverage is effective.